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- Wake up happy with John and Heidi in the Morning!
- Don's Basement Tapes
Don's Basement Tapes came about from a chance meeting with an old friend, who, before it really became a hit, told me about a show called That 70's Show. He told me about how the show is a direct reflection of my parents basement, which also was in Wisconsin. The similarities were astounding. Anyway, he proceeded to tell me how, if it wasn't for me and the other Basement Dwellers, he and everyone else in town would never have been exposed to the variety of AOR Rock that they heard coming from my parent's house. The Basement became legendary, and he urged me to do a show based on the experience of "Don's Basement". It is a pleasure to bring that experience to present day. David Green, Mark Sorgent, Jay Hisel, Scott Heim, and so many others here on Facebook from the city of Mayville, Wisconsin will attest to the fact that there never was, and never will be another Don's Basement. The music on Don's Basement Tapes is the soundtrack of those days.
- Brett Anthony Rock Show
An eclectic mix of music unlike any other show, just about anything 'rock' gets played on The Brett Anthony Rock Show. A mix of unlike any other, anything and everything that rocks.
- Greatest Hits USA
Great music from the 60s, 70s and 80s!
- All The Hits with Rick Johnson
The best in Chicago radio from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
  - College of Lake County
  - Rock of the Suburbs
Awesome tunes from the classic decades of music, with your host EJ