Please allow us to introduce ourselves. WYML-LP, 99.9 FM and, is your community radio station for McHenry and Lake Counties where 100,000 people live, work and play! Combined with the power of the internet, we extend our coverage to the world. You can tune into WYML using your FM radio and just about any smart device. From Amazon Alexa to your smartphone. Even in your vehicle using Apple Car Play or Android Auto! We are truly the radio station for McHenry and Lake Counties.

Our Mission

At the heart of WYML is a desire to provide infotainment. From locally produced shows and weather forecasts to world news and of course a music playlist that rivals even the most sophisticated listeners music collection.

LPFM Radio

WYML is an LPFM station licensed by the Federal Communications Comission.

LPFM means Low Power Frequency Modulation.

Per FCC Rules, an LPFM station must be owned by a nonprofit educational institution, corporation, or entity under Illinois laws. By design an LPFM station cannot be owned or otherwise controled by a corporate media outlet. WYML is owned by Local Community Broadcasting, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Ingleside, Illinois and broadcast from Prairie Grove, Illinois.

The rules also dictate our broadcast parameters. LPFM stations are limited to 100 watts, a specific type of antenna, height and certified transmitter.

Because of the non-profit rule, an LPFM station may not broadcast commercials. This is a challenge for stations to cover operating expenses. When you listen to WYML, you will hear messages about sponsors who have provided funding to operate our station. The messages are very basic, in most cases limited to a name, location, contact info and what services are offered. One exception is if the sponsor themselves is a non-profit. Then the rules are a bit more flexable, but not much

For more information about LPFM service, the FCC offers some useful information at their website There are also resources on facebook groups if you are interesed in learning more.

Broadcast Area

As an LPFM restricted to 100 watts of power, we do fairly well in terms of how far we can reach.
Coverage Map
We further increase our reach worldwide by sending our audio over the internet